Lamp Revamp With African Dutch Wax Fabric

Have a boring lamp that needs a little pizzaz or saw a lamp in the store and thought, “I’d buy that lamp if the shade wasn’t so boring!”  I’ve got a fun and easy solution using my favorite fabric…Ankara aka African Dutch Wax fabric.

Tools You’ll Need:

1. Mod Podge

2. Scissors

3. Ruler or measuring tape

4. Light color pencil or tailors chalk

5. Ankara fabric

6. Lamp shade (for this project a fabric lamp shade seemed to work best)

Nowadays you can get Ankara fabric from a number of places in stores or online check out my Etsy shop for Ankara fabric by the yard. One of the things I love about Ankara fabric are the vibrant colors and styles.  When shopping select a pattern that speaks to your style and current color scheme.

I recieved the lampshade in the photo as a gift and immediately love it! The size and shape were perfect for a side table I have that desperately needed lighting. So I plugged her in then it hit me…you know what would make this lamp even more amazing fabric! So I looked through my fabric stash and found this beautiful burgundy, gold and black Ankara fabric.

Here’s the steps: (detach lamp shade before starting)

1. Measure the fabric to fit the lamp shade (use the color pencil/tailors chalk to outline where you’ll cut) allowing for an extra half inch to wrap the fabric around the edges of the shade.

2. Apply a generous amount of mod podge to the back of the fabric (not the shade) tightly and slowly wrapping it around the shade right side facing out.

3. Smooth the fabric out as you go to avoid lumps, bubbles or wrinkles. I used a wide stir stick but you can use a variety of things with flat edges/surface.

4. Once you have applied the mod podge all the way around apply a little extra at your seam.  Set the lamp shade aside to dry for about 2 hours.

5. Once dried, apply a second (or third coat depending on the color of the fabric and how well it stuck) of mod podge to the outside of the fabric to seal it in. Give it another 3 hours or more to dry.

6. Re-attach to lamp shade and plug in

There you have it an easy, fun way to take a lamp shade from blah to bam!

If you try this project share photos, links in the comments would love to see what you create!