How to Incorporate Global Chic Home Accessories Into Your Space

Designing a space with a Global Chic design aesthetic can feel overwhelming . Ikat or Mud Cloth, furniture from Africa or Indonesia the patterns, textures and styles are so distinctive and beautiful it can be tough to figure out what will work in your space.

First take a deep breath and know that as long as the pieces you choose resonate with you you’ll be happy. Second, if you are not ready for a full blown design overhaul select one or two pieces, introduce them to your space and see how well they play with the other items in your home. Great items to get you started include throw pillows, drapery, coffee table, rugs, or an ottoman.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match – an indonesian rug with an African bench or Ankara pillows.

Other tips:

1. Select decor from a place you’ve traveled to or aspire to go to someday. Nothing better than coming home and being reminded of a great trip you took or a place you can’t wait to visit.

2. Refer to country specific design books, blogs or magazines for inspiration. Some of my favs are Sprit of African DesignIndian Style and Design Loves Blog.

3. Pinterest is a also a great place to find beautiful ethnic design ideas. I could spend hours browsing the boards!

If you have a favorite book, blog, or store to find ethnic design inspiration leave in the comments section below. Have fun and remember your home should be a reflektion of you.